Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 2
Sqaure Feet: 2288
Location: Southglenn

How it started

We received a desperate plea from the homeowner who needed to make a change to help her special needs child. That included uprooting all of her children, leaving her family home and moving across the country to live with family where they had the support they needed.

She told Colorado Home Transformations that she was either going to sell her home to us or let her home go into foreclosure. We wanted to help and did so in a big way.

We bought her home and because she had no money for moving expenses, we offered her more than her asking price. She called us her angels.

How it ended

When we took possession of the home, the backyard was so overgrown that there were wild animals living there. We transformed both the outside and inside of the home. We kept the beautiful hardwood floors and other original elements of character throughout the home but modernized the layout by opening up the kitchen and updating the entire home.

Before and After

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