Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 2
Sqaure Feet: 2456
Location: Virginia Village

How it started

The seller had owned this home for many years but was not in good health and was put in a nursing home.

The owner’s daughter had the overwhelming responsibility of figuring out what to do with her mother’s beloved home and extra belongings. She lived out of state and was commuting back and forth to both care for her mother and help with the home.

How it ended

The decision to sell her mother’s home was an emotional one and the daughter wanted to take the time she needed to go through all the items in the home. She wanted to hold onto treasured family memories but leave the rest behind. We helped make this happen on her timeline.

We bought the home, cleared out the remaining clutter and updated the home with some modern touches. We were able to breathe fresh life into the home for a new generation to come.

Before and After

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