Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 4
Sqaure Feet: 3266
Location: Berkeley

How it started

This homeowner was struggling to make ends meet from multiple perspectives. There were so many leaks in the house that he was turning off the water every time it wasn’t in use. There was no money to fix his car and paying the bills was a challenge. He needed a buyer who could quickly purchase his five bedroom home.

How it ended

Colorado Home Transformations purchased the home in short order and began to reconfigure and rebuild the home, keeping only two of the original walls in place. We transformed the main home and converted the outbuilding into an office and bathroom.

The owner was able to move from a place that was previously falling apart to a condo he could pay for in cash that perfectly fit his needs and we were able to create a beautiful space for a new family to call home.

Before and After

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